Hey everyone, this is my first post on my blog. Each blog post here will have a main topic, a math section, a meme section, and maybe some other sections if im feeling it. The first thing I decided to be the main topic for this first post is the two games I made in 2020. These are my first two games but I definitely plan on making more!

Space Dash

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Space dash is really just space invaders. This was the first game I made and so it is not that nice, but I made all the art myself. I am in no way an artist but I think they look pretty cool. What I love about this game is that it actually feels fun to play, which I guess is the main goal of any game. There are 4 waves of enemies, and then you go into an endless more where you can just continue collecting points. Of course this is just a boring space invaders knock off so no need to give it much thought. I just thought it still deserved to be here since it has a place in my heart as the first game I made.

You can find a link to the itch page for Space Dash here: Space Dash Link

Warp Room

Alt text

I'm honestly really proud of warp room, this game was inspired by some game jam game I saw on youtube, and I decided to see if I could put something similar to it together. Essentially only the main warp mechanic is taken from that but everything else I figured out myself. I've had a few people play it and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Alt text

Warp room is a platformer where you collect keys to progress to the next room. The main interesting part is that the edges of the map warp you to the other side. And so I made levels that make you think about the mechanic and also just forcing you to use it in cool ways. It's not super complicated, you can beat the game in less than 10 minutes. But I feel like it's a a good mixture of fun and difficult that makes the levels satisfying to beat.

I really think this game helped my progress a lot in programming, I designed cool background things to help with making levels. One exmaple is that all the floating platforms are the same object, but the game automatically decides whether it should be a left, middle, or right piece. You can see in the image below, in terms of code all three of those object are the same.

Alt text