lorenz Girl in a jacket


Hi everyone! :)


Welcome to my blog. I am in comp eng at ryerson class of 2024. This blog is just somewhere for me to make posts about some cool things that I like, and if you're interested in talking about anything message me!

On that note... my discord is: Vjooger (Adam)#0460 so please feel free to message me about anything.

I want the vibe of this website to be 2004 intergalatic memes. So get ready for that vibe. The following is a short list of things that I'm into, and may or may not be posting about on this blog:

You may be asking yourself why this blog is called SZETA?? Well the reason is that my last name is SZava, and there is the greek letter Zeta which looks like the logo and favicon of this page. I decided to combine them because zeta is the symbol used for the Riemann Zeta function, an important function in math.